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Electronic Lab: A complete assembly, QC and Service Lab available in Pune. Electronic measuring and testing instruments are available for various testing of signals.


Communication Lab: A communication lab is available in Pune for testing and experimenting on different communication protocol. Investment in Drives, Controllers, Sensors, protocol converters help give a faster response


Mechanic Lab: A facility in Pune for designing, drawing, assembling, testing is available in Pune.


Success through partnership

Our success stems from partnering in fair and respectful relationships. Together we are building a community of success.


Trust based on Reliability

We win the trust of our customers and business partners based on actions. The same applies to the trust of the employees in the company and each other.


Evolution based on openness

Our company is evolving by taking new ideas on board and implementing them. We are open to other opinions, cultures and beliefs.


Sustainability through responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility towards people and environment. We embrace economy, social and environmental sustainability.

Vision Statement

At Rajdeep Automation, we aim to provide reliable and efficient Automation Solutions to our customers. We seek to understand, Design and Deploy our solutions efficiently. We would like to partner with our Customers, Employees and Suppliers to achieve this objective.

Corporate Philosophy

Convinced Customers

We put our Customers first by demonstrating excellence and giving efficient solutions. Satisfied Customers are our livelihood. To utilize our resources and infrastructure to achieve customer satisfaction is a clear priority


Engaged Employees

We value our Employees who are the basis of our success. Our Employees are committed to supporting our customers with professionalism and performance. We aim to provide regular training, team building and motivational tools


Reliable Suppliers

We believe in satisfied Business Partners. Our suppliers are a part of our network. Through their initiative, reliability and quality we jointly create value and benefits for our customers. A strong and regular interaction with them is very essential. To act as a reliable partner for the Indian Industrial Customers is important for us.

About us

Rajdeep Automation Pvt. Ltd.  is an automation products and service provider catering to Total Industrial needs for companies all over India. To understand the Automation need and give a solution which is efficient, reliable and cost effective is our strength. Our success has been derived from our understanding of the rapidly changing global business scenario and our ability to employ this insight to provide value-added services to our clients.


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