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Our partners for Automation are leading firms in their respective Industries. Their focus on high level of engineering, innovation, design and delivery helps us give better solutions to our customers. Jointly working to focus on the Indian Industry, we cater to provide global support, technical ideas and Cost efficient Solutions.

Sensing Solutions

Rotary Positioning Solutions

  • Slip Rings, Rotary Incremental and Absolute Encoders
  • Position Indicators, Geared potentiometers, Analog Indicators

Linear Positioning Solutions

  • Draw wire Solutions, Linear Magnetic Sensors
  • Linear Sensors

Vision Solutions

  • Machine Vision and Data ID Solutions

Control Solutions

  • PLC + HMI + Communication (3 in 1)
  • Actuators and close loop Position Indicatorss

Counting Solutions

  • Counters, Hour meters, Process Displays

Cable Management Solutions

  • Cable drag chain, Labeling Solutions, Conduits, Cable Entry Plates

Safety Solutions

  • Light Curtains for Elevators and Doors and Gates
  • Light Curtains


Robotic Solutions

  • Collaborative Robots
  • Dresspack for Robots


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